PRNewswire: CYRANO Confirms Release Date of OpenSTA

“CYRANO today confirmed the availability of OpenSTA (Open System
Testing Architecture) on 27 September 2000, and disclosed
information on the pre-subscription program to ease the
implementation of the product for the Open Source community of

“E-commerce sites need to be able to predict how their systems
will behave under load, giving them the ability to ensure that
their systems are reliable and stable enough to meet established
timelines for deployment and produce expected revenue….”

“OpenSTA (Open System Testing Architecture) is a distributed
software testing architecture based on CORBA. OpenSTA is designed
to be used by Performance Testing Consultants or other technically
proficient individuals. Using OpenSTA a user can generate
realistic heavy loads simulating the activity of hundreds to
thousands of virtual users, whatever the development languages
used. This capability is fully realized through OpenSTA’s
distributed testing architecture.

“Project managers will benefit from precise performance
measurement and analysis, which can be gathered during load tests.
OpenSTA graphs both virtual user response times and resource
utilization information from all Web Servers, Application Servers,
database servers and Operating Platforms under test. Consequently
they can be sure that the company’s Web site will accommodate the
expected growth in customer load.”

Press Release

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