PRNewswire: eOn Communications Corporation(TM) (eOn) Introduces eOn Web Center Software Suite

“eOn Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: EONC) today introduced
the eOn Web Center Software Suite, an application for routing,
tracking and responding to e-mail and Internet-based communications
in real time. Initially developed for use with eOn’s eQueue and
eNterprise Linux-based communications servers, Web Center software
will now be available on a standard Linux-based server platform for
use in Internet centric contact center applications.”

“Features of the eOn Web Center Software Suite include E-mail
Queuing, Web Callback and Web Chat. E-mail Queuing manages e-mails
in much the same way as phone calls are prioritized, queued and
routed to trained agents. The E-mail Queuing feature can
automatically acknowledge receipt of a customer’s e-mail and then
queue the e-mail for the next available agent. The routing of
e-mails to agents can be based on defined rules for such variables
as agent skills, department, tracking number or time of day. Agents
can respond directly, use standard responses from a library of
frequently asked questions, or reply with an intelligent
auto-response. Managers can easily track the status of e-mails in
queue, average queue time, and other measurements of agent activity
and overall efficiency.”

“Web Callback allows a website visitor to request a call from an
agent by simply clicking a button on the Web page. The visitor can
request a callback immediately or schedule the callback for a later
time. The callback request is then routed and handled in the same
manner as voice and e-mail requests.”

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