PRNewswire: Quest Software Releases Foglight Version 2.7 With New Support For… Linux…

“Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT), today announced the
release of Foglight(TM) 2.7, its powerful software solution for
pro-active management of multi-tier e-business and enterprise
computing applications and systems. The new Foglight release
incorporates support for Microsoft’s SQL Server(TM) database and
the Linux(R) operating system as well as enhanced reporting

“Foglight is a comprehensive enterprise monitoring solution that
delivers continuous availability, improved system performance and
capacity planning to companies with complex application
infrastructures that cannot afford the high cost of downtime.
Foglight monitors every layer in the IT infrastructure that can
affect application performance — including databases, networks,
application servers, Web servers and middleware — and alerts IT
professionals to potential problems, enabling them to correct their
causes before end users are affected.”

“Foglight’s new Linux agent collects performance information
about system space, processes, log file, user, disk and file system
usage for rapid analysis. Apache(TM) and Netscape(R) Web server
agents are also supported on Linux
, including VA Linux and Red
Hat Linux. With these agents, users can manage, tune and
troubleshoot their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and
e-business applications. In addition, Foglight 2.7 supports Sun
Solaris(TM), HP-UX, AIX(R) and Windows NT operating systems.”

Press Release