CNET News.com: Compaq leads surging Linux server market

Compaq is the top seller of Linux servers, beating out
Linux specialty shops as well as other established computer makers
in a market that grew 166 percent in one year
, a study has

“Compaq sold 18,000 Linux servers in the fourth quarter of 1999,
according to a study released this week by International Data Corp.
(IDC). That gives Compaq 25 percent of the 72,400-unit market.”

“Specialty shops such as VA Linux Systems, Penguin Computing and
Atipa didn’t make the top five. IBM was second, with 7,000 servers
and 10 percent of the market. Hewlett-Packard was third, with
5,400, Dell fourth with 5,200 and Fujitsu Siemens fifth with

“The study highlights the adolescent growth spurt of the
relatively young operating system. Though Linux has been around for
years, major hardware and software companies only began announcing
support in late 1998 and early 1999. As Linux gradually matures,
though, it faces stiffer competition in the form of Microsoft
Windows 2000, the successor to and improvement on Windows NT.”

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