PRNewswire: World’s fastest back-up and crash recovery software backs up Linux

“Merlin Software Technologies Inc…announced today that the
latest version of PerfectBACKUP+, the world’s fastest system
back-up program is now available to users around the world, for
free, on the company’s web site…”

PerfectBACKUP+ 6.0 brings a new level of reliability and
speed to the system back-up process. The program is a Linux-based
back-up utility and system crash recovery tool that enables
companies to back-up and verify their systems totally
It’s 100 percent reliable and backs up Linux,
Unix, Windows and Windows NT computer applications.”

“Businesses are now able to cost-effectively improve their
Server’s performance by adopting the Linux Operating System,
without having to make changes to every employee’s individual
computer. PerfectBACKUP+ 6.0 will automatically back-up all their
Unix and Windows-based computers.”

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