Project Jedi: Kylix Shows Its Face In Spain

[ Thanks to Jeremy
for this link. ]

I’ve just got back from a Borland Presentation supposedly
for the release of C++ Builder 5.0 in Spain. But what everyone was
actually there for, was to hear a bit about Kylix.

“Well, we came and we not only heard about Kylix, but we saw it
in action as well!! David Intersimone booted up Corel Linux (which
incidentally I installed on my machine this week-end and it was
totally painless), then showed us JBuilder 3.5 going through its
paces. I don’t know what spec laptop he was running it on but
JBuilder 3.5 (which is 100% Pure Java) worked at a pretty decent

“Then David opened up a text editor and chose a DPR file called
BasicExample.dpr. This dynamically created a form with a Listbox on
the left and and EditBox and two buttons on the right. The events
were also dynamically assigned to each Button’s OnClick event (they
are still working on the IDE).”

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