Python4Kids New Tutorial: Class Inheritance

[ Thanks to Brendan Scott for this
link. ]

“n the previous tutorial we learnt that when we pack Tkinter
objects, the order in which we pack them affects how they are
displayed in the GUI. We used a Text widget to enable the user to
edit text in the GUI. We also learnt to use a Frame widget to help
with the layout of our GUI. In particular, we put a Label and a
Text widget together into one Frame, and put an ok and cancel
Button into another. For homework you needed to get data from the
Text widget.

“In order to display all of the configuration options we are
going to go a bit nutty using Frames. We will eventually (but not
today) use one Frame to hold all of the configuration options, and
another Frame to hold the Ok and Cancel buttons. But that?s not
all! We will also use a Frame to house each configuration option
(ie key and value pair). Before we do that though, we need to
remember where we were up to reading and parsing the
server.properties file.”

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