Reactions to Microsoft’s “Open” .NET

InfoWorld: A Patent Trolling Dream…

“Microsoft is releasing its .Net Framework libraries under the
Microsoft Reference License, which allows viewing of source code
but not modification or redistribution.

“Despite my chronic proclamations of conspiracy theories, this
whole thing seems like a bad idea…”

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Scobleizer: Microsoft: Releasing Source After Everyone

“So, Sun Microsystems open sourced Java. Adobe open sourced

“Now Microsoft is releasing the source of .NET. UPDATE: Krish
points out that this isn’t open sourcing .NET,
just releasing the source. That’s even lamer
cause the other two have actually open sourced and are accepting
submissions from the community…”

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451 CAOS Theory: Microsoft’s Restricted Share Poses Problems
for Mono

“While it would be easy to dismiss the response as open source
paranoia, it does appear that Microsoft’s mixed messages over open
source, and its use of shared source licenses, could potentially
create problems for its open source interoperability partners.

“First of all it’s worth stating that the license Microsoft has
chosen for this project–the Microsoft Reference License–is not an
open source license, and is not one of the licenses the company has
proposed for adoption by the OSI….”

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