Red Herring: Slashdot founder finds fulfillment

“Striking it rich at a young age while working a job you love is
possible without playing the lottery. Just ask Rob “CmdrTaco”
Malda. At 23, the freshly minted college graduate is selling his
company Slashdot, the influential and popular Web site for
developers of Linux open-source code.”

“Mr. Malda, who will remain on board at Slashdot, says he now
plans to spend more time on programming…”

“He says he had hoped Bill Gates would call with a lucrative
offer, yet still give him the creative latitude to continue his
Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) bashing.”

“Slashdot will now be in a healthier environment for growth
because Andover.net has more personnel, money to supply bandwidth,
and a dozen sales people to bring in advertising dollars.”

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