Salon Magazine: Gathering of the Linux tribes

Thanks to Peter Link for this

“Amid LinuxWorld hoopla, hackers and suits eye each other

“Linus Torvalds finally got his cue to leave the monster party
that capped the first full day of LinuxWorld when the band started
playing. It wasn’t the paparazzi-like press that forced him out, or
the throngs of adulatory fans pestering him for autographs.
Torvalds accepted those indignities with customary grace. But there
was no avoiding the band, a Devo-ish collection of wackos who were
generating some serious noise. And Torvalds’ two very small
daughters, Patricia and Daniela, simply could not be expected to
put up with such techno-punk pyrotechnics.”

“What kind of man would bring a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old to
a party attended by literally thousands of beer- and wine-guzzling
geeks hopped up on the exhilaration of the free
software/open-source movement at a moment of triumph? A family man,
actually. Larry Augustin, the chairman of LinuxWorld, noted during
his introduction of Torvalds as keynote speaker that the conference
staff had become alarmed when they couldn’t find Torvalds just
before the sound check. Not to worry, said Torvalds’ wife, Tove —
he’d gone to get the diaper bag.”