SearchWin2000: Microsoft: Linux Looks Cheap at First, But The Costs Come Later

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You’ve mentioned that Microsoft’s upcoming study about
TCO will show that Linux only edges Windows out in the Web server
space, not in file servers, firewall servers or network
infrastructure. Can you elaborate on the findings of that

Houston: We’re still working with our partner
in this, and we’re not ready to say who that is. To be very
specific, we’re finding that there’s a slight margin in TCO for
Linux in very simple Web serving. In super-Web serving, things like
hosting environments that don’t have anything to do with
Web-centric applications, there’s a larger advantage to better TCO
in file systems, network infrastructure and security
infrastructure. We’re not trying to say that Windows is the clear
winner in total cost of ownership. It is close enough that
customers ought to look at it as a wash.

“Then, we’d like people to compare the comprehensiveness and the
integrated nature of our platform versus Linux. We think a lot of
people see the perceived cost savings of Linux but don’t consider
the extra work that they have to do to make Linux work in their
environment. If the cost is the same, why wouldn’t you pick the
platform that is richer, easier to use and more integrated…?”

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