SJ Mercury: Microsoft’s Supplemental Offer of Proof

[ Linux Today reader Doug Bostrom writes:

“In Service Pack 1 of the Offer of Proof to the Court, Microsoft
once again resorts to the Linux defense. The Proof is essentially a
collection of statements by various individuals who explicitly
believe competition in software to be bad for the industry (with
the exception of MIT Sloan School Dean Schmalensee, to be

From the filing:

“Dean Richard Schmalensee:…
2. It has also become increasingly clear that Linux is a
serious competitor as an operating system for a variety of non-PC
devices that compete directly with personal computers running
Windows. An example of this increasing competition is reflected in
a series of recent announcements by AOL and Gateway.
month, Gateway announced that it would develop and sell a machine
targeting the AOL on-line service and other AOL offerings that
would run on a version of Linux customized by a team including
Linux’s original developer, Linus Torvalds. The machine is to use
AOL/Netscape’s “Gecko” browser technology, also known as Navigator
6.0. The AOL/Gateway machines automatically will launch a feature
known as “Instant AOL” that is a customized version of AOL’s online
service. They also will offer e-mail, Instant Messenger, news,
popular AOL content and personalized services. The machines, and
others like it, will provide direct competition for personal
computers running Windows.”

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