SJ Mercury: The end of the Microsoft Age

“Strangely, or perhaps fittingly, as we lurch toward the end of
the decade, the Microsoft Age has sputtered, fizzled, with little
fanfare. The Linux Penguin is a much more apt symbol of the

“Microsoft is now just another fat, arrogant, high-tech company.
Its boss is just another imperious mogul, polishing his place in
history and easing his tax burden by tossing a few billion to
charity. He typifies not the future but the past…”

“… apart from software, there’s almost nothing the company or
its supposed visionary have tried that hasn’t failed.”

“Even that monopolistic stranglehold may be in some danger:
Several business magazines reported this month that top PC
companies are beginning to look at non-Microsoft operating systems
for the first time.”

“One in particular, Linux, could turn out to be Microsoft’s
Vietnam, reports Business Week in its Feb. 22 issue…”