Stomped.com: Year-End 2000 Games Interview: Dr. Ray Muzyka And Dr. Greg Zeschuk of Bioware

Stomped: What were your favorite games that
were released in 2000 and why?

Dr. Muzyka: I quite enjoyed Deus Ex for PC, and
Vagrant Story for PS. Of course, Baldur’s Gate II (PC) and MDK2
(PC, Dreamcast and coming soon to PS2 as MDK2: Armageddon) were
also in my list of favourites :)”

Stomped: What can we expect from you in the
year 2001 in terms of the games you are developing?

Dr. Zeschuk: MDK2 Armageddon for PS2 and
Neverwinter Nights (PC, MacOs, BeOs, Linux) are BioWare’s current
projects that will be released in 2001. I’m confident both will
have a huge impact on the gaming community. The Star Wars RPG isn’t
due for a little while yet, but it will definitely be a

Stomped: What games are you most looking
forward to in 2001?

Dr. Zeschuk: I’m looking forward to a variety
of games – Dungeon Siege, New Legends, Halo, Arcanum, Silent Hill
2, Metal Gear Solid 2, and a whole bunch of others. I’m very
worried that I’m going to get further and further behind in my game


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