Straits Times Singapore: Software giant to unleash Win 2000

Thanks to Hoong-Shen
for this link.


“MICROSOFT expects its Windows 2000 operating system, which will
be launched later this year, to aid significantly its battle
against Linux, the new operating system which industry players see
as a growing threat to Microsoft NT’s dominance in the server
software arena.”

“In an interview last Friday, Microsoft vice-president for Asia,
Mr Pieter Knook, dismissed the Linux threat, saying: ‘The Linux
share did rise remarkably and it’s certainly highly a success, but
not necessarily at NT Server’s expense.”

“Moreover, he said that from a competitive standpoint, Linux and
NT do not represent the same kind of product. He said Linux is just
the embedded version of the NT equivalent and lacks the various
services that NT includes, such as security and web server