Swsusp-v5 Is Available

Gabor Kuti posted to


swsusp-v5 is out there.. Can be dowloaded at: http://falcon.sch.bme.hu/~seasons/linux/swsusp.html

It is against kernel 2.2.1 and optionally there’s a (new) patch
for sysvinit-2.76.

Ok, this is getting cooler and working smoother. Because of the
‘almost’ ready support we don’t get the proper screen back by
resuming for the actual console..not a big problem. Except for this
I would say that it’s getting usable. It’s against 2.2.1 but should
apply to 2.2.2 with some offsets.. Debug messages are initally
turned off. Many delays’ve been taken out, it really works

Highlights of this release:


  • Support for suspend using shutdown (also patch for sysvinit) We
    no more depend on sysrq
  • Preliminary(?) support for SMP.. don’t know if it works..


  • tasks has TASK_STOPPED state got into “INTERESTING” macro
  • shrink_free_inodes() got deactivated.. ineffective and seems to
    have some incompatibilities with 2.2.1.. Will remove it..
  • For tasks to stop we wait 10 seconds (and starting to ignore
    UNINTERRUPTIBLE ones after 5 seconds). This time is more likely to
    be enough for tasks to stop but not ‘forever’ which could be
  • Documentation update


  • We track the allocated pagedir with a new bit in page’s flags
    so we no more depend on actual memory management
  • Support hardware state restore (many event handlers yet to be
    written..) (Thanx to Steve Dodd)
  • We try to power down instead of rebooting.
  • sysvinit documentation update
  • time warping by resume is fixed (‘stole’ support from APM)
  • support for the possibility to resume hardware from userland
    (trough init) – see ‘resume’ action of sysvinit patch
  • Debug messages are optional so suspend/resume can be done
    silently without messing up the console..
  • Documentation update for sysvinit
  • Almost ready support for screen restoration

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