TechWeb: AOL Chief ‘Never More Bullish’ On Time Warner Buy

“America Online reported third quarter earnings of 11 cents,
surpassing expectations on ever-increasing subscribership, ad
revenue, and e-commerce.”

“”America Online’s business has never been more robust,” said
AOL CEO Steve Case. “This quarter’s results underscore the
tremendous strength of America Online’s operation, and demonstrate
that we are on a clear path to continued strong growth and
increased profitability. Since we announced our landmark merger
with Time Warner, we haven’t missed a beat,” Case said.”

“AOL and Gateway (stock: GTW) unveiled Internet appliances
earlier this month, using Netscape’s Gecko browser engine
technology and the Linux operating system
in countertop
appliances, wireless Web pad, and desktop appliances around the
home. The AOL TV begins shipping June, providing interactive
programming and taking advantage of Time Warner