TechWeb: Best of ’98

“… Linux, the underground operating system that inspires
loyalty as fierce as that of Mac users, blossomed.”

TechWeb’s Top Stories Of 1998

  1. Microsoft Fights Antitrust Charges
  2. Linux Leads Open Source Movement

    “Linus Torvalds’ Linux led a revolution in 1998 in open source

    “Linux and open source programs still have many challenges
    ahead… The biggest is where do users turn for help. ‘You look
    anywhere and everywhere and you don’t know who to turn to for
    help.’ said George Weiss, vice president and research director at
    The Gartner Group.”

  3. Portals: The “In” Places To Be
  4. PC Prices Hit Rock Bottom
  5. Technology Mergers Multiply
  6. Chip Industry Struggles
  7. The Net Becomes The Medium Of Record
  8. Internet Regulation Mounts
  9. Carving Up The Domain Name Pie
  10. The iMac Makes Apple Shiny Again

TechWeb’s Best of ’98