TechWeb: Solaris Chief Says Battle Is For Data Center

“At the road show in Seattle this week, Anil Gadre, vice
president and general manager of Solaris software, talked with
TechWeb’s Stuart Glascock about Sun and Linux, Windows 2000, Java,
Jini, and more….

“Q: Regarding Solaris, what affect will the rush of support for
Linux have on the Solaris market? Will Linux cut into Solaris’

“A: Actually, it’s going to enhance the opportunity for Solaris.
We think Linux is a great friend, mostly because the DNA is about
90 percent equivalent. The more people who know how to do Linux is
good because we are trying Solaris users and developers, too. Linux
has achieved a level of Unix competence in the marketplace that no
amount of running around the world holding developer conferences
could ever have done.”

“Q: What about situations where one may have to chose between
Solaris or Linux?”