Telepolis: An Ethical Vision of the Information Society

By Philippe Queau, UNESCO Director of Information and

Translation to German from the French original.

“Toward the need for an information-ethic in a global world”

“The globalization of an immaterial economy, which oversteps
borders and national laws, urgently calls for political regulation
and an ethical vision for the global information society.”

“The public domain and all public data is represented in the
context of the Information Society…, all information which
belongs to the public domain (the classics whose authors have been
dead for 50 or 60 years), scientific works and articles, which have
been published by public laboratories, and also Open Standards and
non-proprietary software (such as the TCP/IP protocol…, HTML, the
foundation for the World Wide Web or Linux, which today presents a
singular alternative to the exploitive Windows system.”

Translation from German by Dwight Johnson.

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