The Coming HTML 5 Revolution in GNU/Linux

[ Thanks to Rex Djere for
this link. ]

“I have never programmed a GUI application YET, so these are
challenges that I will eventually overcome. Renowned saxophonist
David Sanborn once said something that I found very interesting: he
said that no matter how much you know, you are never truly a
master, you are ALWAYS a student. There is always something that
you don’t know, and often, the people who can give you that
information know less than you do overall about the particular
topic. I believe that the key to success is to stay humble, and to
always keep an open mind. As I began to learn more about HTML 5’s
canvas feature, I realized that HTML offered an alternative way to
creating a GUI version of Tank Problem. (The HTML 5 canvas element
allows one to easily draw 2D elements such as graphs. When I read
this, I immediately thought about graphing and numerically
displaying my updated tank levels real-time on top of a picture of
the tank). I began to learn how much I did not know!”

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