The FFII and Red Hat�s CEO Express Dissatisfaction with United States Patent System

[ Thanks to Jose_X
for this link. ]

“A lot of opposition to software patents made its way
into the desks of USPTO clerks last week. Heise has some new
coverage of this.

“Harsh words came from Eben Moglen of the Software Freedom Law
Center (SFLC): “Software patenting has been a scourge in the global
technology industries,” writes the lawyer. In his brief, Moglen
argues that software is nothing more than an array of computer
instructions. In the lawyer’s opinion, computer programs should be
as ineligible for patent protection as mathematical equations or
precise descriptions of physical laws. Ciaran O’Riordan of the End
Software Patents campaign, which is supported by the Free Software
Foundation (FSF), also calls software patents an “economic failure
and a hindrance to the progress of the useful arts.””


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