The Register USA: Walmart.com flogs $199 Linux OS PCs

[ Thanks to Hap for
this link. ]

“By squeezing suppliers and collapsing margins, [Wal-Mart]
killed mainstreet USA. In recent years, it’s taking on and–in its
home country at least–beating the giant grocery chains.

“Now it’s decided to have a little fun with the PC business. The
world’s biggest retailer is flogging a new desktop ‘puter for $199.
That’s right–$199. Granted, we’re talking system unit here, and
granted, the PC is available only through its US online store

“Supplied by US system builder Microtel, the Wal-Mart cheapo box
appeals to minority IT interests too. For it features a VIA C3
processor and LindowsOS, the new Linux distro…”


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