Update: Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.28


Full Changelog


  • 2.4.28-rc4 was released as 2.4.28 with no changes.


Here goes the fourth release candidate of 2.4.28.

A few small problems showed up in time for another -rc.

Missing exported symbols in the networking area, an ACPI
poweroff bugfix, aic7xxx compile fix with -Werror, a binfmt_elf
underflow enhancement, an SCTP fix, and a couple TG3 fixes.

This will become v2.4.28 final if nothing _really_ bad shows

Thanks to everybody who has been contributing to make this

Summary of changes from v2.4.28-rc3 to v2.4.28-rc4

Adrian Bunk:

  • [NET]: neigh_for_each must be EXPORT_SYMBOL’ed

David S. Miller:

  • [AF_UNIX]: Serialize dgram read using semaphore just like
  • [NET]: Export __neigh_for_each_release to modules
  • [TG3]: Update driver version and reldate

Jakub J.:

  • binfmt_elf: handle p_filesz == 0 on PT_INTERP section

Len Brown:

Marcelo Tosatti:

  • Changed EXTRAVERSION to -rc4

Michael Chan:

  • [TG3]: 5753 support and a bug fix

Patrick McHardy:

  • [SCTP]: Fix inetaddr notifier chain corruption

Willy Tarreau:

  • aic7xxx aic79xx_osm_pci.c compile fix with -Werror