UPDATED: Borland Linux Developer Survey

The earlier survey crashed under the demand to reach the Web
site. Here it is again, newly relaunched.

Michael Swindell writes (July 9, 1999):

Whew. We redesigned the survey with Infopoll and are now hosting
the survey on their servers (By the way Infopoll is written in
Delphi!). We really underestimated the amount of traffic this
survey would generate. Hopefully we are now ready to handle the
traffic that LinuxToday and Slashdot were referring us. The new URL
for the survey is:


Anyone who had already filled out the survey may fill it out
again on the new server — we won’t be merging the data.



“By participating in this survey you are directly helping
shape the future of development tools for Linux.”

Michael Swindell, Sr. Product Manager for Borland Developer
Solutions – Inprise Corporation writes (July 8, 1999):

“I’m going live with a linux developer survey tonight. I’d like
to invite you to link to it. We’ve had a tremendous call from the
Linux community to support Linux with our tools. This survey will
help us gauge the demand and direction. We’ll be publishing the
results at a later date when the survey is over and you would be
able to link to the results as well.