Use jQuery to Build a Newsletter Subscription Popup with a MySQL/PHP Backend

“”Always be closing” certainly ranks among the most recognized
of all sales-related quotes, an adage so old that its origin has
apparently been lost to time. For those engaged in online commerce,
the closing process should begin with a potential customer’s very
first visit to your website. The specific approach can take many
forms, however one of the most popular involves inviting the
visitor to subscribe to the website newsletter. After all, if the
visitor is interested enough to proactively provide his e-mail
address, then perhaps he can be later swayed into making a purchase
thanks to some tantalizing special offer communicated in some
future newsletter.

“The traditional approach involved simply embedding a newsletter
subscription form into the website, often ubiquitously visible
within the website layout’s sidebar. More recently, websites have
taken a more aggressive approach in terms of inviting visitors to
subscribe to a newsletter or consider some other special offer. The
approach involves displaying a popup window the very first time a
visitor navigates to the website. The visitor has the option of
either responding to the offer or providing his e-mail address by
interacting with the popup, or can choose to close the popup at
which point it won’t reappear for a (hopefully) significant period
of time.”

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