Users.ox.ac.uk: Beauty and Magic for KDE, with Zack Rusin

“One of the most hotly anticipated presentations at this year’s
KDE World Summit, better known as ‘aKademy’ was Zack Rusin’s
intriguing ‘Beauty and Magic for KDE developers.’ Zack is a
long-time KDE developer who has recently been hired to work full
time at Trolltech, the makers of the Qt library on which KDE is
based. As the developer conference continued, more and more people
heard of the amazing visual effects that Zack was going to
demonstrate. The audience in a packed lecture hall were tantalized
when technical problems meant the talk had to be postponed for two
days, but finally the issues were ironed out, and Zack took us on a
whirlwind tour of the state of graphics in Linux/UNIX, along with a
demonstration of where we can go in the future…”


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