Web Developer Tutorial: SEO with Drupal: Page Title Module

“A key advantage to a content management system is that it
places content creation in the hands of the client. However, the
downside to having the Web developer removed from the process is
that search engine optimization (SEO) can suffer. Several Drupal
contributed modules make SEO easy for content producers, and we
will be discussing them in this tutorial and several upcoming
articles: Page Title, Excerpt, Nodewords, XML Sitemap.

“The purpose of a search engine crawler is to deliver to a Web
user the best possible results for a searched term or phrase. The
easier that you make that for the search engines the more likely
that your site will perform well in organic search results. Most
search engines use the Page Title, marked up in HTML as the tag, to
both evaluate the contents of the Web page and as the first
displayed line of the block on a search engine results page