WebMaker-0.8.0 released

WebMaker is a HTML Editor for KDE – The K Desktop.

Main features:

  • nice GUI interface (see screenshot)
  • menus, toolbar and dialogs for tag editing – like HomeSite and
  • multiple windows support
  • full HTML 4.0 support
  • preview for <IMG> tag
  • color selectors for bgcolor and other color attributes
  • color syntax highlighting
  • preview with external browser (Netscape)
  • ability to filter editor content through any external program
    that supports stdin/stdout interface
  • KDE integration

System requirements:

  • Unix (I hope any Unix that is supported by KDE, tested only on
  • KDE 1.0 or higher
  • Qt 1.42 or higher
  • QImgIO – Qt extension

Version 0.8.0 is the first to have full HTML 4.0 support.
Netscape is now automatically launched. Many bug fixes from the
previous release.

Visit the
WebMaker Web site