Whiteboard.OpenOffice.org: OpenOffice Bonobo Integration

[ Special thanks to gwido of LinuxNews.pl who sent us
his link to
the following story. ]

“In many discussions about the future of OpenOffice, I heavily
argued for an integration of OpenOffice components into the GNOME
component system Bonobo. Two arguments are substantial in my point
of view:”

  • “First OpenOffice is missing desktop functionality in
    comparison to StarOffice 5.2, because the project is concentrating
    on the core functionality of an office suite. It is the more
    encouraging and more flexible approach to integrate into existing
    desktop systems; and one of the most important targeted desktop
    systems is GNOME.
  • Second it is a long term goal to merge the different component
    systems of open source projects into one. This will make it easy
    for developers to create interoperable software components and will
    enlarge the users choice of open source applications, which can be
    combined to a powerful desktop system.”

“This project is intended to give motivation and transfer of
information about the technologies by example. It provides a Bonobo
wrapper of OpenOffice components, to enable the embedding of those
components inside Bonobo containers like Nautilus.”


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