Wired: GPulp Opens Up Web Searches

“The Gnutella Next Generation development team announced on
Friday that they are developing a new open source technology for
search engines.”

The group believes that “gPulp” (general Purpose Location
Protocol) will eventually become the standard search tool on every
network and computing device. “GPulp will be a ubiquitous, open,
free, and powerful tool that lets users find anything — anything!
— on any network,” promised Gnutella Next Generation (Gnutella NG)
team manager Sebastien Lambla.

“GPulp is different from existing search technologies in a
number of ways.”

“It is based on the Gnutella structure, an open source
application originally created by Nullsoft. Gnutella enables users
to exchange any type of file without having to go through a central
server, as users must do with most of the ‘sharing’ programs, like
Napster, that are currently in use.”


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