Yellow Dog Linux delayed

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. announces that their initial Linux
distribution, YDL Champion Server 1.0, which will ship with the
next stable releases of Linux kernel, version 2.2.0, and GNU C
Libraries (glibc), version 2.1. While TSS originally intended to
release mid-January, Kai Staats, President of TSS, states, “We are
determined to create the highest quality, initial distribution
possible. In so doing, we have chosen to delay the release in favor
of including stable versions of the vital, core components.”

Since the popular introduction of Yellow Dog Linux to the web,
TSS has gained positive feedback and support from the Internet
community–Mac owners, Linux users, and curious PC owners alike.
During the past 4 weeks, TSS has engaged in the development of a
completely database-driven, web Installation Support system that
will allow its customers to benefit from the knowledge base of
previous installation support problems and solutions.

“We are really excited by the development of the TSS Support
Manager. We are working hard to design and impliment a powerful,
user-friendly support system that enables our staff to easily share
their experience to our customers. We believe we can provide
faster, more accurate solutions than a telephone or email-based
solution,” Staats says.

When orders are placed for products that include Installation
Support, the database will automatically register owners. Upon
return to the Support website, the YDL owners will be asked to
complete a pre-support form concerning their Mac hardware. For
non-Support owners, the contents of the TSS Support Manager will be
provided on the YDL website Support Page and will be updated on a
regular basis.

For more information about Yellow Dog Linux, please visit

Terra Firma Design & Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.

voice (970) 416-9821
email [email protected]
website http://www.terraplex.com/