ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch — Here comes the Sun, and it’s not all right

“Sun’s interest in Linux begins and ends with Linux’s
ability to stall Windows until Sun can get the public to buy into
its vision
of having us all go back to relying on someone
else’s server. (Remember the wonderful old days of the mainframe?)
Once that ability is no longer useful to Sun, its Linux support —
limited as it is — will drop like a stone.”

“As someone who lost money because of Sun’s decision to kill
Wabi for Linux in March — just as demand for it was growing — I’m
extremely wary of Sun’s motives.”

“Sun’s vision appeared quite clear in the press conference:…
In the medium term: drop StarOffice like a hot potato the second
that StarPortal is ready; push all the StarOffice users they can to
the new architecture…”

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