ZDNet: VMware Welcomes Guest OSes

“Diane Greene loves to surf. And not just the Web. Greene,
co-founder, president an chief executive at Vmware, is a real
surfer, who organized the first Windsurfing World Championship on
Lake Ontario in 1974 and the first windsurfing Olympics in
Kingston, Ontario, two years later. And she used to ride the waves
to victory herself when she competed in the women’s division of the
San Francisco Classic, a race she helped organize in 1979.”

“Now she’s riding a different wave, an Internet-powered virtual
wave, and she believes VMware will be a winner in the next systems
platform contest. VMware builds a virtual machine system capable of
mimicking, in software, a complete Pentium hardware

Once VMware is running on a piece of Intel hardware, it can
spawn any number of Intel-like environments and run a variety of
operating systems on one server
. ‘We support them as guests –
any operating system that will run on a Pentium piece of hardware,’
Greene says. Which means DOS, open source code Linux, various
Unixes – including Sun Microsystem’s Solaris 7 Intel Edition – and
IBM’s OS/2 can run under VMware’s virtual machine on one

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