Zope Weekly News for September 6, 2000

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 13:02:55 -0400
From: ethan mindlace fremen [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: September 6th Zope Weekly News

Merely 4 hours past the deadline, the Zope Weekly News lands
with a heaping helping of goodies: Rapid Zope Book evolution, lots
of fish in the bowl, Zope skin, PTK proliferation, and Zope.org

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And Now For Something Completely Different:


— by Michel Pelletier

This week (a shorty due to Labor day) Amos and I are polishing
up spelling, added image and figure semantics to structured text
(and extended the HTML and SGML generators to spit them out, yum!).
Normalized all the font and style conventions, and started on
chapter 1 screenshots. Yeah! I fleshed out a lot of Chapter 9
(Cataloging) also. As always, you can “see the latest and greatest


Zope Status

— by Brian Lloyd


Zope 2.2.1 release, progress on dev.zope.org projects

Recent highlights

ZWN has been spotty lately so to recap, Zope 2.2.1 was released
August 25th. Lots and lots of bugs were fixed for 2.2.1, and it
seems to have covered the issues that were keeping people from
moving to 2.2. There have been two reported problems with custom
ZClasses after updating to 2.2.1, but we have not been able to
reproduce them and they do not seem to be a general problem.

There has been a fair amount of activity on dev.zope.org, with a
number of new proposals for things such as session tracking and a
unit testing support framework. Chris McDonough gets the
prolific-proposal-writer-of-the-week award 🙂 The new security
assertion proposal has been made into an active project, and the
first draft of the first deliverable (the Zope developer’s guide to
product security) is “available for review and feedback”,


There are also a number of proposal where discussion seems to
petered out – we’ll need to start looking at these over time and
decide how to either get champions to refine them and move them
forward or put them in some sort of proposal archive.

In other news, FourThought continues to work on the new
XMLDocument and will shortly be starting on the XSL Templates

This week

This week we will be starting to firm up a todo list for the
next Zope feature release and trying to get the declarative
security “user manual” finalized – after that we’ll begin
implementing the new assertion style for the next feature

Zope Studio

— by Martijn Pieters

Zope Studio

Due to other project work, no news this week

Skinnable And Localizable Objects

After two weeks of holidaying in Scotland, I am back at the

Week of 13-08

– Architecture finalised.

– Implemented all core objects and code.

– Made practically all of Zope Skinnable

This Week

– Add some code to make skinned files in Zope Core more backward

– Clean up last few objects with recalcitrant, inline DTML, and
make then Skinnable.

– Split out all strings to make Zope fully translatable.

State of the PTK, 2000/09/04

In the weeks since our last report, the PTK community has been
quite busy:

   * Shane Hathaway landed the proposed "next-generation architecture",
     refactoring the "toolkit" as a set of "portal tools", each
     providing services to other objects in the portal.  The tools include:

      'portal_membership' -- tracks personalization and owned content,
        tying them (much more loosely) to the AUTHENTICATED_USER.

      'portal_registration' -- implements portal-specific policies for user
        signup, password generation/mailng, etc.

      'portal_workflow' -- encapsulates the workflow policies of the portal

      'portal_catalog' -- indexes portal content

      'portal_discussions' -- implements portal policies for types of
        content which are "discussable", and how they are linked to
        their discussion threads.

      'portal_actions'  -- list context-specific actions for portal objects.

      'portal_undo' -- provide a portal-friendly interface to Zope's undo

     Each of these tools is represented as an interface in the 'PTKBase'
     product, with a sample implementation (typically preserving the "old"
     policies/semantics) in the 'PTKDemo' or 'DemoPortal' products.  The
     single most attractive feature of the design is that portal managers
     can replace these tools on a *per-portal basis*.

   * Fabio Forno provided invaluable aid in debugging the new tools.

   * One noticeable result of the new architecture is the "renaming of
      the toolbox",
      to the "actions list", in order to avoid confusion with the "portal

   * Bill Anderson "released a new version",
      of the Membership product, upgrading it to "beta" status.  This
      product uses ZPatterns to manage member registration and logins,
      and is on a trajectory for eventual reintegration with the
      new PTK Architecture.

   * Chris Withers announced "Swishdot",
     http://www.squishdot.org/968089230/index_html, a successor to 
     the popular Squishdot weblog product, to be built around the

   * Tres Seaver "proposed",
      revamping the implementation of the Dublin Core metadata
      within the PTK, in order to bring it closer into line with
      the intent of the "spec":http://purl.org/DC. 

   * A "long thread",
     on "hooking" various portal actions resulted in a "proposal",
     to create an "event channel" object, 'portal_events', as another

PTK Tracker Vitals, 2000/09/04 (since 2000/07/25)

Here is is the current state of the tracker::

  Type / Status         New     Closed  Current

    Bug Reports           5        3       26

       Requests           0        0       14

Zope Web

— by Ethan Fremen

ZEO Bakes in Zope.org Oven

ZEO is being cooked with Zope.org. This has unfortunately
endengered some downtime, as ZEO bugs step out from hiding. The
bonus is that Zope.org should be much more stable when this is
done, and ZEO users get the benifit of a ZEO that’s been put
through it’s paces.

The Caching Machine

Zope.org now has its images and files cached by Apache and any
downstream cache that cares to do so. This should result in a much
faster apparent speed for Zope.org, though we can expect that raw
hit-count (as measured by Apache) may decline. Stay tuned for the

Go Forth and Multiply

Zope.org is going to be getting a new ZEO client on a
geographically remote machine. Once this is tested and solid,
Zope.org mirroring will expand to several clients in strategic
spots throughout the globe. Watch this space for more details.

Distributed Decision Making

As a necessary precursor stage for a more active involvement of
the community, messages to [email protected] and issues posted in
the “zope.org Tracker”,


will be sent to the zope web mailing list. Hope to see you