CNET News: IBM Plans Second Blue Gene Supercomputer

[ Thanks to Matt for
this link. ]

“IBM will install a second Blue Gene/L supercomputer as part of
a radio telescope project in the Netherlands, the company plans to
announce Monday.

“The supercomputer will be used for a new radio telescope
project called Lofar, short for low frequency array, run by a Dutch
organization called Astron. The system, which is expected to be
complete in 2005, will run the Linux operating system, use about
12,000 processors and perform more than 30 trillion calculations
per second, sources familiar with the plan said.

“IBM declined to comment for this story, but the Lofar Web site
said Astron signed a memorandum of understanding in November to use
Blue Gene in conjunction with the telescope. The announcement said
there are opportunities for cooperative research and development
between IBM and Astron for the Lofar supercomputer…”


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