deseretnews.com: Cluster Computing

[ Thanks to marK for this link.

“Supercomputing was a new concept when IBM created Deep Blue,
the monster machine that successfully defeated chess champion Garry
Kasparov in 1997.

“Peter Crane, a lead PC assembly technician at Utah’s Linux
NetworX, is part of a team that built a clustered computer for a
national research laboratory in California.

“Today–and possibly only briefly, managers admit–a Utah
company lays claim to having made the world’s fastest Linux-based

“And the machine, put together by Linux NetworX Inc., is a
behemoth. About the size of a tennis court, it provides 11 trillion
calculations a second, according to Clark Roundy, vice president of
marketing for Linux NetworX. ‘To put that into perspective, it
would take more than 11,000 PCs a day to do the same thing. Or one
system 30 years to do what this system can do in a day…'”


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