High Performance Community

“Last week I was on the road and out of my home office. Even
with my little Eee netbook and plenty of spotty wireless access I
still managed to get behind in just about everything. My trip was
non-technical in nature so a few days away from the high-tech
hub-bub was useful. I was not on vacation either. My trip was to
attend meetings as part of my work with a local non-profit
organization. It turns out that having geek mojo helps outside of
HPC as well. I managed to set up a Wiki and an on-line survey that
has been received quite well. (As a side note, I used LimeSurvey.
It made the job so easy and made me look like and an uber geek.
Nice work Lime team.)

“Getting back to HPC. I had some time to think about the annual
HPC mega-show and conference; SC10 in New Orleans. I will be
attending again this year and be more stationary than usual because
I will be in the SICORP Booth (#1731) promoting a new community
initiative. Also, the Beowulf Bash will return again this year.
More information on both activities will be forthcoming very soon.
If you keep and eye on my twitter posts and Cluster Monkey you can
get the latest on my SC10 activities.”