InfoWorld: Product Review: Business Components for Java provides Linux development options

“Talk to any recycling expert, and they’ll speak about the
“inherent economy” — that is, reusing existing materials instead
of creating new materials from scratch. The same principle applies
to application development. A programming tool that allows you
to build reusable modules and business components can dramatically
reduce your development times, letting you bring new applications
to market faster.

That’s the kind of tool Oracle’s Business Components for
Java (BC4J) is.
Recently ported to Linux, BC4J offers a
standards-based, server-side Java and XML framework for developers
who must build and deploy reusable business components for
high-performance Internet applications, such as e-commerce and
business-to-business systems. In our tests, BC4J acquitted itself
nicely, proving to be a powerful ally to Linux developers who must
create n-tier Internet applications and connect them to Oracle

“Applications created using BC4J are comprised of five basic
framework components: entity objects, associations, view objects,
view links, and application modules. Each component is
interrelated, meaning you can establish views into database tables
and join, filter, and sort data as needed.”

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