Interview with OpenVZ Project Manager Kir Kolyshkin

[ Thanks to Scott
for this link. ]

ML: Please tell me a little bit about
yourself… education, hobbies, family… what jobs did have before
SWsoft / the OpenVZ project?

Kir: I graduated in CS from Ukhta State
Technical University, it’s in the city where I was born and lived,
somewhere 1500 km north from Moscow, the capital of Russia where I
live now.

“While in the university I had a chance to work and play with
not only boring DOS/Windows, but also OS/2, HP-UX, SCO, Novell
Netware, and some other operating systems, including Linux of
course. My first Linux distro was some ancient version of
Slackware, I only remember it came with kernel 1.0.9 and the CD
also contained patches for up to 1.1.50. I immediately fell in love
with Linux and free software model…”