LinuxPR: CSP Inc. Introduces Highly Scalable Cluster Computing System With Linux

“CSP Inc. (NASDAQ: CSPI), a leading provider of high-performance
computer systems, today announced the introduction of its new
highly scalable clustering system: FastCluster.
This new system is the first product of its kind to run the Linux
operating system. FastCluster was designed to meet the high
performance computing requirements of engineers in the scientific
and technical computing fields, as well as Internet applications
like high performance search engines and Web database servers.
FastCluster is a highly scalable multicomputer cluster that
provides a space efficient and cost-effective solution for
high-performance computing applications. FastCluster systems
deliver up to six times the computation capability of other
generally available cluster offerings using equivalent space. The
system is conveniently packaged for standard 19-inch cabinetry and
is powered by the newest PowerPC processors, including those
incorporating AltiVec technology. Systems may be
configured with 16 to 1,000 processing nodes interconnected with
high speed Myrinet switches to provide the
cluster size required for each application.”

“”As the number of Internet users, mobile devices and bandwidth
explodes, the demand for computing power will grow dramatically and
drive the need for massively scalable systems,” stated Alexander R.
Lupinetti, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of CSP Inc. “As
e-business and m-business become commonplace on the Internet, the
host computing systems must operate in real time and be highly
available. The growth of these applications will drive the
requirements for network-centric architectures like our FastCluster
distributed computing system with Linux.” CSPI is teaming with
Terra Soft SolutionsTM Inc. to supply their
multiprocessor Black Lab Linux operating system on
The Black Lab Linux operating system is a
full-featured software suite specially designed for multiprocessor
PowerPC systems with emphasis on robustness, high performance and
low cost.”