NewsForge: 32-bit Browsing in a 64-bit System

“The problem: you’ve taken the trouble to hand-build your finely
tuned 64-bit computer, and you’ve installed your favorite 64-bit
flavor of Linux–but the cretins who run the World Wide Web are
still putting up content viewable only on 32-bit Intel-compatible
Web browsers, either designed for their in-house plugins that they
supply only as 32-bit binaries, or in compressed media formats for
which players are available only as 32-bit binaries. What are your

“The easiest thing to do is to install a 32-bit browser inside a
‘chroot jail’–a minimalistic 32-bit system, including just the
browser and the support libraries it needs to run (in this case,
including specifically the 32-bit plugins and codecs), isolated
from the rest of the system in a directory sealed off via the
chroot command…”