Parallels published source code of Virtuozzo userspace utilities

Parallels company follows its  plan and publishes source code of Virtuozzo userspace utilities.

Source code of utilities below is available: * prlctl – unified command line tool to manage virtual machines and containers; * libprlsdk – Virtuozzo API C++ and python libraries, used for local and remote communications with a dispatcher management service; * prl-disp-service – a primary Containers and Virtual machines management service; * libvzctl – low-level library for Containers management; * libvzevent – low-level library for Containers life-cycle notifications from the kernel; * vzctl – utility to control a Containers; * vztt – utility for Containers templates management. Used in Virtuozzo since Virtuozzo 4.0; All of them are available in new OpenVZ source code repository with web interface (https://src.openvz.org/projects/OVZ). OpenVZ project looking forward for contributors. Please follow guide (https://openvz.org/Userspace_patches) if you want to send a patch.