tele.com: Linux Goes Public

“The public network may be the next phase in the dramatic rise
of the Linux operating system (OS), which, its proponents say, is
more flexible and adaptable than its proprietary counterparts.”

“NBase-Xyplex (Littleton, Mass.), the networking group of MRV
Communications Inc. (Chatsworth, Calif.), plans to deliver the
OSR8040 Linux switch router in the third quarter of this year at a
starting price of $300,000.”

“NBase-Xyplex will provide open application program interfaces
(APIs) to the Linux kernel–the fundamental piece of code
containing all of Linux’s key ingredients–to allow software
upgrades and changes that are easier and quicker than with
proprietary OSs.”

“While NBase-Xyplex based its decision to use a Linux kernel for
its router OS on a firm technological foundation, a ‘what-the-heck’
factor also came into play, says MaryJane Gruninger, vice president
of engineering and research and development for NBase-Xyplex. ‘If
the question is, “How can I compete against a Cisco or a Lucent?,”
one way is to take advantage of all the brains out there developing
applications for Linux so that we can be more competitive with
special features.'”