ZDNet: SuSE Infuses Blue Blood into Linux

“I don’t know about you, but every time I read a story about IBM
big iron running Linux, I get confused. Can I walk into a
datacenter, find the mainframe’s CD-ROM drive, and install Linux
off my Red Hat CDs? Can I go to eBay, pick up a big honkin’ S/390
for a few hundred bucks, load StarOffice, and have the fastest word
processor in the world? Would that make me some sort of freak?

“Part of the confusion stems from the alphabet soup of IBM’s
system lineup. If you want to buy a new system from IBM, your
choices fall into one of four groups: The zSeries , which typically
runs z/OS, are the mainframe systems. They’re powered by 31-bit
hardware. (Yes, that’s 31.) Next down the line is the iSeries;
these are the old AS/400s, with IBM’s PowerPC chips inside. The
same chips also are inside IBM’s pSeries, which runs AIX, Big
Blue’s flavor of Unix. Finally, there’s the xSeries — all the
Intel-based stuff…”

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