3 Media Conversion Apps That Will Make You a True Believer

“Dealing with the mind-numbing array of formats present in
digital media can be intimidating for a user of any platform, and
users considering Linux may be hesitant to switch if they think
certain types of files simply cannot be made to play on an open
source OS. There’s really nothing to fear, though — here are three
applications that can transform common and obscure media types into
ones easily digested by Linux.

“One of the lingering concerns potential Linux users have is the
worry of leaving behind Windows software they have relied on for
playing audio and video files. That used to be a valid concern. But
it isn’t something to worry about any more.

“Three relatively new Linux apps make it possible to convert
sound and video files so that most Linux distros can play them.
Arista Transcoder, SoundConverter and OggConvert together or
separately can enable all of your media passions in Linux.”

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