32BitsOnline: Book Review: Practical UNIX and Internet Security

“Securing UNIX systems and networks against crackers and other
assorted bad guys is a top priority for most organizations (or at
least it should be). In order to properly protect your systems, you
need to have the right information at your disposal: without this
information you can easily miss holes in your security
implementation. There are many documents found on the web for this
purpose, including a plethora of information at sites such as
AntiOnline (http://www.antionline.com) and the CERIAS Security
Archive (ftp://coast.cs.purdue.edu/pub/). These are excellent
sites, but unless you are already versed in security
administration, the amount of information can be rather
overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of
O’Reilly and Associates’ second edition of “Practical UNIX and
Internet Security” (971 pages).”

“The authors of “Practical UNIX and Internet Security,” Simson
Garfinkel and Gene Spafford, write in a very down-to-earth, simple
fashion that never leaves the reader wondering. Instead, the book
is written for both those new to the field and the professionals
that need a good reference manual lying on their shelves.”

“Practical UNIX and Internet Security” is a very popular
book, and has reached almost cult status in many circles. The
reason behind this is simple: there is a lot of information, the
information is easily readable, and topics are grouped logically.
What else can a reader ask for?”

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