32BitsOnline: Interview with RedHat’s Robert Hart

“Robert, I am going to start this interview with a very basic
question – Where do you see Red Hat heading in regards to
supporting all of the Linux markets, such as the embedded systems
and enterprise-level computing?”

“RH: Our focus has very heavily in the past been in the
enterprise-server market. With the acquisition of Cygnus Solutions
in December of last year we moved heavily into the embedded market,
one that Red Hat has been looking at for some time.
The skills
and customers that Cygnus brought to Red Hat provide a very
interesting match with the skills and customers Red Hat already
had. So what we now have is an interesting cross-match where the
new Red Hat is able to grow across the entire boundary.”

“Our view of the market conspicuously does not include a major
focus on the desktop. We are focused on the thin server, the
appliance server, up into the glass-house, and the embedded device,
which can be a consumer device, such as a PDA [Personal Data
Assistant], and on down into deeply embedded systems using Linux
and eCOS. eCOS is a Red Hat embedded Linux operating

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