32BitsOnline: Linux Programming White Paper: is it worth your reading?

The Linux Programming White Papers, ISBN 1-57610-473-7, a
collection of five books from the Linux Documentation Project
(LDP), is published by the Coriolis group
and is available for

“Book II, The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide, was by far
the best programming book in this collection. Ori Pomerantz is a
great technical author, and it shines through with his book. There
were plenty of code samples (that were very nicely commented) and
plenty of text to follow the code. The book starts off with the
basics of module design and then leads you into making modules you
might actually use: rewiring the system call “open” so that it logs
all calls to it, for example.”

“Book III, The Linux Programmer’s Guide, is a joke (and a very
old joke, too, remaining dormant since 1996). This book contains
twelve chapters and nine of these chapters are a single page long
(front side only). However, the chapter on “Interprocess
Communication” and “Character Cell Graphics” are very excellent
tutorials and reference material. If the other nine chapters
weren’t there, I’d consider this an excellent (albeit short)

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