5 Best Android Tablets That Rival The New iPad 3

Consumer Reports also rated several new Android tablets very highly. The Toshiba 10LE (16GB, Wi-Fi) at $530 is the lightest 10.1” tablet reviewed so far, weighing just over 1lb. It’s also a very slender 0.31” thick (or thin).

Samsung recently added a new stable mate to its Galaxy tab range, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Wi-Fi, 16GB, 4G). At $700 the Tab 7.7 has an OLED display that gives deeper blacks and a wide viewing angle.

If you worry about taking the tablet to the beach, pool, or the UK, have a look at the Pantech Element (Wi-Fi, 16GB, 4G) at $450. It’s supposed to be waterproof, and its 10-hour battery life is the best among the smaller tablets looked at. However, it’s not easily readable in bright light.